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so ive been working on my extended essay paper pretty much non stop for the past couple of days, and i picked my topic to be about sex education. im comparing the efficiency of the sex education programs in Texas and California; its basically a paper about abstinence education versus comprehensive sex education. but in order to determine efficiency i had hoped to compare teen pregnancy rates, teen sexual activity, and teen condom use in both of the states from before their sex education program was administered to now. sounds easy enough right? NOPE. for some dumb reason no one is documenting california’s teen sexual activity rates or condom use, well they did once but that was from 1990 to 1995, which doesnt even come close to when california implemented their sex education program in 2003. and on the other hand, texas only started documenting their teens sexual activity in 2001 to the present, AND THEY IMPLEMENTED THEIR SEX EDUCATION POLICY IN 1995. this paper is supposed to be 4000 words long and i dont know what the fuck im supposed to do now, so i decided to stop to rant a bit, sorry for the angry words, ill probably delete this laterĀ 


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